Wiec troche mnie nie bylo ale jestem spowrotem wiec co chybs

 najlepiej zaczac od jakiegos konkretu

mialem 17 lat to byly dobre czasy czlowiek mlody ambitny widzacy wszystko inaczej niz teraz 

stojem na Dworze zima bardzo zimno  razem ze Mna Rafal i Tomek 


Zo eerste blog

Wel hiere i'm, first try.

It was Really  hard day. I dicide to made blog 

cause i ' m strugling with mijself

i'm starting to feel shame for what i'm doing

Wel i'm cutting mijn body to release stress and pain

i'm not drinkin  i'm not uesing any drugs

but when problems are coming and stress level is high

then i'm doing That,

whats worry me , cause i did That around 10 Tims i gues So, 

wel i'm not feeling So much pain anymore

i mean physical pain, and less release

Point is i don't want to do That

i realy wisch to stop That

in day time i'm buzy with mijn work


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